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2018 - February

ttn logoFebruary, 2018: Welcome to my latest adventure!

Kim Schultz

Well if you are anything like me, you are ready for this cold weather to go away! I know, we live in Kansas and we know it will get cold. This still won't stop me from complaining about how cold it is. The weather isn't keeping people from getting out and having fun though! Bundle up and enjoy February!

The View from My NOTO Studio

Barbara Waterman Peters


View from my Studio

By Barbara Waterman-Peters

View from my Studio      14

Barbara Waterman-Peters

Snow, ice and bitter cold have given way for a short time to clear streets, sidewalks and warmth. Broom in hand, I head outside to sweep and soak up sun. Just a tiny glimpse of spring, still almost two months away, is enough to re-energize.

My painting, now a group of three canvases for a commission, is heavily dependent on good light as color is a major component of its success. Natural daylight is the best for seeing colors in all of their glory and for mixing them accurately in paint. Of course, that is something of a trick because color in light is additive and color in paint is subtractive. But that is one of the challenges of painting and one that keeps me forever engaged. Next time you are in a paint or home improvement store, look at all of the paint samples lined up neatly and it will give you some idea of all of the variables an artist confronts in applying paint to canvas!



“Looking Back” is the title of our February exhibit at STUDIO 831. Michael Bradley and Hi Stockwell will share work they have created over the years, showing pieces from 'early' to the present. Come see the work of these two wonderful and talented artists!

 Stockwell Dont Bother Theyre Here      Stockwell Dont Bother Theyre Here



Kim's Excellent Adventures

New Years Day - I stayed home New Years Eve so I would be ready for New Years Day. My first stop was at Teri and Jeff Engroffs family & Friends breakfast!  The food was awesome and there were tons of people! For the 2nd year in a row I joined a group of friend at Kikus for lunch!  I didn't do much for New Years this year! Maybe next year I will have more exciting plans!! So much food but so much fun!!

Engroff 1 Engroff 1 Engroff 1 Engroff 1 Engroff 1 Engroff 1


Meetings- I am back to the meeting curcuit! It is important to get out and network! I have met some awesome people!

Topeka Generosity Network - This is sort of a new group. They were once attached to a bigger organization and decided to branch out on their own! Chen and April are very dedicated to helping business owner with networking and referrals! They meet every Wednesday at 11:30, current meeting place is The Palette Restaurant.   

Topeka Growth Partners, they meet on Tuesday mornings at 9 am at 515 S Kansas Ave. There is not annual fee to join and it is a fun bunch of professionals. 

Growth 1  Growth 1

ABWA KEEN - My 2nd meeting as a member and really enjoy this group of gals! 


AWE- New year means a new leadership committee. New ideas and formats. This is a fun group of women who are very smart and always ready to work towards making their business better!!


ING Meeting - We meet every other Wednesday at various places in Topeka! 


ENGAGE Meeting - We meet every 1st and 3rd Thursdays at AJ Pizza! This month, the group was so much larger! It is nice when the group is bigger because you get to hear from more people! I like meeting new people!!

Engage 1 Engage 1

First Friday Comedy: I always like to support my website sponsors and TopCity Comedy is one of them! This show was almost sold out! The comedians were hilarious!! If you haven't been, you need to go! They will start doing comedy first and third Friday starting March! 

Comedy 1 Comedy 1 Comedy 1 Comedy 1

Chiefs playoff game - The Chiefs might have not won but the we still had a lot of fun! Toni invited us to her brand new house in KC for a girls watch party! Susan, Dawn and I all drove down to hang out! My other KC friends were there and we all had a fun time. The food was also pretty yummy!

Chiefs 1 Chiefs 1 Chiefs 1 Chiefs 1 Chiefs 1

The Annual Meeting - My friend Alyce Bishop invited me to sit at the Cox Communication table for this event. I had wanted to go but had just not purchased a ticket so this worked out well. Alyce ended up having to miss the meeting but I took my brother Chris. We had awesome seats! They had 3 stages and multiple speakers who talked about a variety of things. Momentum 2022 was a big topic. In my eyes it is the 2nd level to Heartland Visioning. Sort of like a reboot. The energy level was awesome but a few things that were said sort of made me mad! I don't like hearing that there is not enough things to do in Topeka and you can't find the things that there are to do. I also don't like people getting upset when people who live here venture to other near by cities. Lawrence and KC offer things Topeka doesn't have. Topeka has things they don't have. We want them to visit so we should all work with each other and love where we live but not restrict our activities to just one city. I did give the young lady who wasn't aware of my website my business card. Who knows if she will actually check it out!  

Annual Meeting 1 Annual Meeting 1 Annual Meeting 1 Annual Meeting 1


Le Petite Bon Bon - My goal this year is to visit 20 restaurants that I have not eaten at! I don't eat out much in Topeka because I like to cook but I am determined to accomplish this goal. My first place was a bakery called Le Petite Bon Bon! I had heard about it but had never been. I kicked myself once I got there because there food was pretty good and I loved the hot chocolate!  I ate soup, quiche and hot chocolate. I had a meeting there with my friend Ale and her husband! Perefect place to meet!! The staff was very attentive and nice!

Le Petite 1 Le Petite 1 Le Petite 1


Shawnee County Fair Committee - I was invited to attend this meeting to see if I could help promote their event!! I am pretty sure we can!!  Mark your calendars July 26 to July 29th! There will be a free concert and much more!!


Cirque du Soleil- What do you do when your brother calls you and says he has two extra tickets, you call your daughter and go! What an amazing show! I liked it so much, I bought tickets to take Kolton! It was just as good the 2nd time! Kolton was a little nervous during parts of the show! I was right there with him!!

Cirque 1 Cirque 1 Kolton 1 Kolton 1             


Brunch - More and more places are serving weekend brunch. Before grocery shopping, Chelsea and I stopped at Quintons to give their brunch a try! It was really good!  Every Sat & Sun until 2 pm! 

Brunch 1 Brunch 1             I had heard about this company but it wasn't until I met with Jeff Lees that I figured out, I need this in my life! If I plan on getting paid to help people promote their businesses, I also need a way to thank them for choosing me. This is the perfect way.  Junk mail has moved to our junk email account. Who doesn't like getting a personalized greeting card and/or gift in the mail! You can click here and try the website or phone out. Just set up an account and send two cards on me!  I want you give it a try and see how your friends, co worker, client or even family reach to getting a card. If you are interested and need help, let me know and I will have Jeff contact you to set up a meeting or answer your questions! Jeff and i are working together on this project! My mom loved her card!!

Click HERE to send two free personalized greeting cards!!


Website Professional meetings- I am meeting with tons of young professionals who are very up to date on all the new social media and website trick and rules! I know, I don't have time to read and watch all the videos but I can make sure I am surrounded by those who do! I want to help as many businesses as I can and I need these nerds! PS I am too a nerd but not to this social media extreme! It is fasinating learning all these very cool ways to deal with the internet!





Topeka City of Character

Topeka City of Character



Focusing my effort on the work at hand


Kim's Little Black Book of Helpers

Little Black Book

Need help around your house or business?

Here are a few companies that have helped me in the past! Make sure you write these numbers down!

H.D. Services

Heating & Air
Hugh Renyer

Pruitt Appliance Service
2013 SW 6th St.
Topeka, KS 66606

Passow Remodeling
Ryan Passow
Click Here for Website

Gardner Roofing
Click Here for website

Brian's Total Home LLC

Wood Floors Plus More

Brian Huffstutler
(785) 845-9492

Cambridge Quartz and Granite

Counter Tops


Mastery Movers
785-271-7100 (office)785-633-4904 (cell)Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pmFree Estimates

Ozark Pest Control

Pest Control


Knott Home Service and Repair (Plumbing)


Pamper Youself

Hair, Nails, Massage etc....

These are a few places that I go to!

Strandz Hair Studio 3339 SW Gage Blvd   Ask for Amber

Hair Care Etc - 1801 SE 29th St, Ste 2, Topeka, KS 66605 (785) 267-2832 Ask for Christy (She does amazing spiral perms)

Nail World - 1570 SW Wanamaker Ste 200

Kims Toes

Allure Hair Studio  (Gage) - Hair and Makeup - Jerome Garcia

Other places in Topeka you might want to give a try... I asked some of my friends where they get a great massage and they answered: Call for an appointment!!!

Holly Torrez - Altered Image Salon & Spa

Egos Day Spa - 2827 SW Wanamaker Rd  (785) 272-1181

Backs 2 Life Massage



Back to Life Massage 2611 SW 17th St  Ste 101   785-969-7368


Christin at Stillpoint  - 2709 SW 29th St # D  - (785) 228-0055

Daniellson and Associates in North Topeka, ask for Deana  201 NW Hwy 24 Suite 120  273-7500

Backs By Popular Demand Logo for Website

Backs By Popular Demand - (785) 234-1548


Holly Eastman-Brantley @ Total Image Body Salon on 21st and Gage


Banner My Sweet Tooth


Banner Topeka Facebook Pages


Business Promotions/advertisements

Red Rock Traditionsred rock traditions (fun fact: we are always printed with ALL lower case) is a new social selling company with a simple, yet powerful mission: to strengthen the bonds of families through the sharing in celebration of traditions. We offer ideas, and beautifully designed, interactive product solutions that are a gateway to greater family connections. 

red rock traditions is not even 18 months old yet and our home office is in Leawood, KS!

Check out our NEW catalog !!


Just click here to order:

CALL or TEXT with any questions! 913-707-7371

Jodi Foster

Core Director / Independent Consultant

Founders Club Member 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

call or text 913-707-7371





New Businesses

Sideways Bar Grill

Sideways Bar & Grill

555 SW 39th 

Topeka, KS


Baker's Dozen NEW Location

29th and Croco (Thunderbird Square)


The Burger Co.  Coming SOON!!

21st & Western


Platform 785

929 S Kansas Ave Ste A

Topeka, KS 66603


Vintage Clothing from 1900 - 1980's, focusing on 1940-1960! We always offer treats, tea and jazz while you shop. We are right by the little pocket park with the train platform and BNSF train at 10th and Kansas in Topeka


Essentia Salon & Spa

5900 SW Huntoon St. Ste A2

Topeka, KS 66604



Total Fit Body Boot Camp

 5626 SW 29th St

Topeka, KS 



Gun Garage & Shooting Range

2120 NE Meriden Rd, Topeka, KS 66608



Rustic Creations:  A DIY Wood Sign Workshop

   3 hour Workshops:

    Friday - 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

   Sat.      -  noon to 3 pm & 5 pm to 8 pm.

   Must go to the website to register 48 hrs in advance

   We also host private parties on other days and times.



Huscarl Hobbies Games

HUSCARL Hobbies and Games

1930 SW Westport Dr Ste2

Topeka, Kansas


4-Hope, Inc



BrianChild Animation & Multimedia

818 NE Kansas Ave

Website coming soon


Deals on Wheels


785-783-2773 or 785-250-4676

2640 NW Topeka Blvd

Deals on Wheels Cropped

Ethan Anna Childrens Boutique

Ethan + Anna Children's

2829 SW 29th St, Topeka, KS



New Life Fountains LLC

Maurice Ansley



Eagle Aerial Solutions LLC


Eagle Aerial Solutions LLC



Brightstar Event Services


After years in the event services industry, BrightStar founder Nick Holmes saw its challenges and wanted to create a different kind of event company. After years of hearing about what’s most important to brides from years of bridal shows and weddings, Nick built BrightStar to focus on what matters most.

  • Service and expertise. We’ve seen hundreds of special events and spoken with even more brides and brides-to-be. We’ll listen carefully to your needs and help you navigate the journey to your special day.
  • The extra mile. Sure, we help execute hundreds of events every year. But we know that every one of them could be someone’s event of a lifetime. We take that responsibility very seriously. That means we do what it takes to nail your event.
  • Great execution. Our team is good at what they do. We guarantee your satisfaction.


Topeka Pizza
Opening January 2018
1630 SW Arvonia
Delivery and Takeout! Topeka Pizza is coming this October, right across from Lowes

Pizzeria Via Family Dining - Coming Soon!

738 SW Gage Blvd


Pizzeria Via Family Dining offers hand crafted and stone baked pizza, salads, grinders, wraps, wings and we also serve a variety of alcoholic beverages.


Colaw Fitness

Colaw Fitness

1935 S.W. Westport Drive

Coming Soon

Hidden Hill Farms of Kansas

7320 SW Indian Hills Rd

Auburn, KS 66402

COMING in June 2018

Wedding and Event Venue



American Legion Capital Post 1

(37th St)

Sunday: Bingo    5:45   open to the public
Tuesday Bingo   5:45   open to the public
Wednesday  Texas Holdum  6:30 (members & their guest only)
Friday     Texas Holdum 6 & 9 (members & their guest only)

The following are public events

American Legion Post 400 (Hwy 24)

Monday and Thursday - Doors Open - 5:00 PM / Early Bird - 6:30 PM / Regular Bingo - 7:00 PM


Arab Shrine Temple

1305 S Kansas Ave


Capitol BINGO

2050 SE 30th

(785) 266-5532

Wed: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Fri: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Sun: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

These groups donate time and money to the community of Topeka.
Early birds start at 6:30 PM on Wednesday and Friday with regular session starting at 7:00 PM. Early birds start at 6:00 PM on Sunday with regular session starting at 6:30 PM. Pull Tabs and Event Games sold with full concession stand. Doors open at 4:00 PM.


B-I-N-G-O  for Hayden High School

Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at Hayden High School
401 SW Gage, Topeka, KS
Session begins 6:30pm
Minimum of only $7 to play!
Nightly minimum
payout $2,150   to maximum $4,250


VFW Post 1650

3110 SW Huntoon Street, Topeka, KS 66604 



Bring a non-perishable food item for a free speedball bingo sheet






Children 7 years and older welcome with adult

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC     Bring your family and friends to play bingo

Food Kitchen opens at 5:30 p.m.   Courtesy of VFW Auxiliary 


TEL: 785-235-9073




This website is a prototype for an idea that I have been working on for ten years! It is continually changing and I hope to make this the main site for anyone that wants to find something in Topeka to use.

It is being built with those who live in Topeka and the surrounding area but not limited to them.

There are 4 sections to this website.

  1. The Topeka Newsletter is the first part.  It is going through some major overhaul since most of the information can now be found in a better organized manner on the website.  This is free for any locally owned business to use to promote their business.
  2. The Community Calendar is actually the most important part of this website, right now.  Each community should be informed on what is going on. This doesn't just mean the bar scene. When I say informed, I mean fundraisers, sports, daily food and drink specials, sales, entertainment, recreation and anything else going on.  This calendar tries to include anything that the public is invited to. There is no charge to include your events.  We enter all the events so it saves business owners time. They just need to send us the information and we will take it from there.
  3. Everything Topeka is a plethora of information compiled in a map based program.  Here you can search and find different venues in different categories. You can pick one or all categories to search. This search will not find information that is not on the map though so you will need to use the website search function also. It is free to be listed with a simple profile and an affordable way to enhance your listing.
  4. Everything Else is more businesses that are not listed in the Map feature. There is a guide page that actually will lead you in the right direction.  It is free to be listed with a simple profile and an affordable way to enhance your listing.


We have 2 different search bars.  We use a program called Hot Spot and it does not integrate with the rest of the website at this time.  So you will need to use both places if you can't find what you are looking for.  Search Articles option will search everything but the maps. It even includes the calendar.



Thanks for your support!

I am working very hard to try to find out all the great things going on in Topeka  If you know of any event that is open to the public please let me know!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Remember event dates and times can change.  Check out their website or give them a call before making plans!

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Business Profile  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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