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2019 - January

ttn logoJanuary, 2019: Welcome to my latest adventure!

Kim Schultz

Happy New Year! Reflecting back to 2018, it was a fun and exciting year! 2019 is only going to get better! 2018 was a building year. New ideas, new businesses and new clients will help make this year amazing! So sit back, keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, and enjoy the ride!!

Kim's Excellent Adventures!

Where is 2018 go? 


The Break Room - It is time to reopen The Break Room! No we are not opening for lunch. We however are available for lunch meetings! Field of Greens can cater your  meetings! Order 15 or more boxed lunches and get an hour free at the Break Room. Extra charge for staff, technology etc.  Meeting with my family is always an adventure and sometimes just ends in a yelling match. We are family and we don't pretend to be perfect. So far, all I can say is we will had the Hottest Happy Hour in Downtown Tues- Friday.  We will also have game night every Thursday night and Topeka Feud will be open to the public!  We still have more work to do but February will be the beginning of something new and fun!            

Supper ClubOur Seventh supper club was at The Pennant/HHB. We planned on eating at The Pennant but this didn't work out. Our group was too big and they were too busy. So we walked across the street and ate at HHB BBQ. It is about the people not the place! We had a great time once we got food in our stomach. We also wore our ugly sweaters!

Christmas - It wasn't big this year. Trying to build a business and not being able to find finacial support in Topeka has made money tight! We had just as much fun but my shopping was very limited this year. Doesn't seem fair that you work 60 hours a week and still have no money. You have to spend money to make money. Well I have spent the money, now I hope to make it back. Christmas is normally just another day really. Christmas Eve, my family celebrated with dinner, dessert and opening presents. My daughter and I made a red/green velvet cheesecake cake on Sunday. It took us over 6 hours! It was so good! It was also fun to spend the weekend with her. We went to see a movie on Saturday and spent the day in KC. I had to stop by Jerry's to see my friend Vinnie who won a bet and had to dress in drag and bartend. They raised over $1000 to buy gifts for a couple families and made a lot of bags for residents in a nursing home! That is what Christmas is all about!  On Christmas day I went to KC to see a movie Tom. We saw The Mule. It was a good movie but don't waste your money in theatre, wait for Netflix. 

Girls Candy/Christmas Party- This year we drew names and had to buy a gift with the theme of spa! Something that we felt would be relaxing. We met at Teri's new house to make our candy. Teri had shirts made this year. Yes we are that kind of friends. We made some yummy candy, then we ordered pizza and drank a couple beers in our new coffee mugs from Melissa. Then we all opened our gifts from each other. We laugh way too much! I love these girls! 

Social Butterflies From Kansas closing in on 1000 likes!  - What the heck.. why haven't we gotten to 1000 likes yet?? So close!

ING  - We had a fun meeting at China Pavillion and a much larger meeting at AJ's. 

PIE - Another networking option. I hope we can grow this group in 2019.  

End of year doctor visits  - I am blessed that I have insurance. I know a lot of people would love to take that away from me. They believe that they should have really cheap insurance and that I should not have insurance. Yes, this is how I inturpret those who want to get rid of ACA. Well for now I was able to have a couple minor proecdures that could have gotten bad but I was able to stop it before it got worse. For this, I am thankful that I have insurance. 

Free Branding Advertising Marketing (BAM) for a year Yep I am working on a project. More info coming soon!

Day in KC with Chelsea  - Chelsea wanted me to see Spiderman and I had to go to KC to visit Vinnie at Jerry's so we made a day out of it! Grabbed tacos at Taco Via, Spider Man at AMC 28, Jerry's Bait Shop, grabbed dinner at Panera (had a gift card) then walked around Legends for a couple hours. It was a great day!!

Toni and Tony's Christmas Party - My friends built a new house so I have not been to see my KC friends for over a year. This is way too long but I know how life is. Things change but I still miss friends that I once would see at least once a month. My initial plans fell through so I thought I would stop by and see some friends. What a fun time! So much food! It was great seeing everyone. I then went to hang out with another friend in KC. The day was not what I had planned but ended up being a great time!  I love those nights! Unexpected and so much fun! 

Teresa's Girl Christmas Party - This was my 2nd year attending her party. Tons of people and food! We even had a fire outside! I was the last to leave! 

UnWind - was hosted by Vaerus Aviation and Schwerdt Design. I have not been to this after hours in a long time! My friend Brooks is a co-owner of Vaerus and I wanted to go see him and catch up with others! I also wanted to bring Andrea so she can meet some of my friends! 

A Drag Queen Christmas - My cousin Chad bought tickets for me, my aunt and him to see this show in Wichita! We grabbed dinner before the show. I loved the show it was so much fun. I stayed with my friend Frank! Him letting me stay with him allows me to do more in Wichita. I don't have to pay for a hotel. 

Lunch with Friends - I don't think the holidays had anything do with having lunch with friends. I think we had talked about it enuogh and finally made it happen.  I met my friend Susan at Field of Greens and my friend Janlyn at Josie's! It was great to catch up and we promised each other that we won't wait years again!  Don't talk about doing stuff, just do it! Make it happen! 

To locate restaurants and local businesses you can search everything Topeka. We will begin to spotlight local businesses though!! Stay tuned for more fun stuff!!

Coming soon my monthly video Diary!!

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My “F”ing life. Stories from a house who provides homes

Sam Pic

A Little Less Giving, a Lot More Action.

Hey friends, mom of 4 here. You would think that being blessed by God to have lived 30 some odd years on this earth, raising 4 children would make me pretty darn experienced at this thing called life, right? That I would be the one doing all the teaching, correcting, explaining, right? Wrong. No seriously. There are days I get schooled by my 8-year-old in one haphazard look. The thing is, even though my experience has far outweighed my children in years on this planet, my children have had way more critical life experiences that truly solidified my understanding that in many ways, they know more about this world than I do. I think I can sum up just what I mean by this past holiday season but first you will need a little back story. 

This past April we adopted our son who had spent his ENTIRE life (minus 7 months) in the foster care system.  One of his 11, yes, I said 11, sisters (there is 14 kids total) just moved in with us this past August.  These children have moved so many times since being in the system, they never truly felt safe. Things, possessions, words, had no meaning or effect on them. Literally, action is the only thing that they responded to or have emotion to because of being in a perpetual state of fight flight or freeze. So, when you try to provide these children “normalcy” you end up learning that your normal, is FOREIGN to them.  These kids have been through the ringer.  My education on what life is about for these kids started our first year of having our son.

It was the night before Halloween, and my husband and I were bound and determined to NOT forget to carve the pumpkins this year. A tradition that my biological children cherish. I on the other hand, do not like this tradition as I get grossed out by the mess and arduous task of pumpkin cleaning. Let’s just say it’s not my thing. As we start to cut open the pumpkins to prepare them for carving our 8-year-old’s mouth drops open as he exclaims, “my pumpkin’s broken”. I quickly glance over at him thinking he has dropped his pumpkin on the ground only to find him looking inside the top that his dad has just cut off. I run over, fully expecting to see a rotten and smelly pumpkin. Before I had time to prepare my nostrils for the pungent attack that I just knew was about to take place, my husband asks him: “buddy, have you never seen the inside of a pumpkin before?” When he answered no, my heart went into shock almost instantly. Here I had assumed that all the other families before us had given him the opportunity to experience this yucky tradition most American families with small children dauntingly do every year. I immediately felt guilty for not really wanting to do this with my children.  Come to find out, this was only his teenage sister’s 2nd time ever carving one herself.  I asked myself, what else have my children missed out on?

Fast-forward to Thanksgiving.  My biological child’s birthday usually falls on or right around turkey day. We usually hold a family birthday party, friend party, and a mini celebration on the day of the occasion. Since we have living family on both sides, we tend to travel and so birthday parties sometimes double if not triple. Let’s just say, we love to celebrate life at the Griffin house.  Our little guy was getting used to all our celebrating but when our beloved “princess” as we lovingly refer our 15-year-old as, she was less than impressed by all the events. All the families before her never celebrated her life. They rarely did tradition thanksgiving meals. She was used to KFC in her bedroom while the rest of the family divided into their rooms or in front of the tv. The idea of having to eat a HUGE feast in front of extended family and friends was nerve racking. No… it was downright SCARY to her. You see, she has little trust with people and rightfully so. Anyone she has ever loved, who has said they loved her back, or even just taken care of her, has hurt her by not following through with their promised adoptions or kept her physically or mentally safe. So being introduced to “family” is traumatizing. In her eyes, why get close to someone when eventually they will just give up on you and move on? Now, if you are thinking she just came outright and expressed these feelings you would be wrong. It came in her daily actions and questions leading up to the big day. She kept asking why our friends came over. She didn’t understand how friends can be “family”. She would say things like, “Didn’t we already celebrate her (our now 6-year-olds) birthday? Why do we have to do it again?” “I don’t want a sweet 16 party. I mean, there is no one who would come.” Those words liter tore through me like a machete in a recent slasher film. I was gutted ya’ll. She watched us getting prepared for the dinner and made comments suggesting she never wanted to grow up and that we were making too much food. On the actual day of Thanksgiving, she hid in her room. She would occasionally text, asking if people were gone yet. Finally, we made her a plate and she stayed down stairs to eat alone. We let her have her space. She needed it. We decided to force her to come up wouldn’t build her trust. However, when everyone left, she was right by our sides, spending every waking moment of that day with us. She just didn’t want the chaos.

Thanksgiving and our youngest’s birthday was just a mere glimpse at our eldest’s neglect. Christmas shopping seemed absurd to her. The last two years, her agency hasn’t given her the “red bags” (presents the agencies collect for all the kids in care) as they call them, and she hasn’t seen her clothing voucher in months. She is used to having little, expecting little, and wanting little when it comes to possessions. While it bugs me, it doesn’t even phase her. I see it as an injustice, and she just views it as her way of life. I know what you’re thinking, a teenager who doesn’t care about the latest and greatest? You must be lying! Trust me when I say, I was just as shocked as you were. However, Black Friday and birthdays really opened my eyes.

Okay, last flash back and I promise I’ll get to my point.  It was during the shopping season on Black Friday, another first in her book, that I realized things just don’t matter but quality time and affection does. That whole night she kept making comments about how people were rude, obsessive, crazy over things that didn’t matter. She was blown away that I had a list and had spent hours mapping out getting the best deal. She just wanted to be with me, but she didn’t want anything. My opinion, my laugh, and her feeling my skin are what mattered to her that night. She has this cute habit of always having to touch me. Doesn’t matter if we are walking or sitting, a part of her must be touching a part of me. Let me tell you, that night, I had a new definition of what claustrophobia was like. I endured because it’s what she needed.  She needed me, not things.

After this night, I knew without a doubt presence and touch is so much more important to these children than things. Experiences can be great, or scary. They don’t care about things, they care about life. Literally, they are about felt safety. That literally means they just care about being loved and feeling safe. They just don’t want to worry about their next meal or where they are going to stay next. Things come and go, they can always get new things because things can be replaced. However, feeling safe, and feeling loved, those are gifts they are after because they don’t get them often, and try as they might, seemed too hard to keep.  Knowing these lessons from Thanksgiving and Black Friday, we decided to back off and slowly do Christmas. We decided Not to travel so she didn’t have to meet new people. We decided to stay home and just decorate a Christmas tree. She honestly couldn’t believe people really put real trees in their homes, let alone went to a tree farm to cut one down. Plastic is all she’s known. What a great metaphor for how we approached the holidays to how children in care approach them.   I guess you could say this tree, summed up what we have learned. While, children that you have loved and raised from the start have felt safety, so they don’t focus on that as a want or a need, they focus on presents under the tree. Opposite of that is what our foster and adoptive children really want and need. I learned that talk is cheap and giving a million experiences and presents aren’t going to help my children but showing them love through my actions is what matters at the end of the day. Things are changing around here. We are going to be focusing more on action and doing around the holidays, rather than gifts. A lesson we needed to learn far too soon. If we do anything, the main theme will be love, each child’s love language, and less focus on just stuff. After all, you can’t take it with you when you die, but you can leave a legacy of love behind.

Behind the Business - Solid Rock Sound Machine

We are so excited about hearing from some really awesome people! Find out why, how or even when they decided to start their own business. These stories will help others begin or grow their own business!!


Solid Rock Sound Photo Jan 2019

The Solid Rock Sound Machine Story

To the businessperson(s) who will be reading this, I want you to understand that this is to encourage you in your business.

Many, many years ago, a bunch of friends and I began DJing dances and parties to make a little extra money to go to concerts and other things that, we just didn’t have the money for. We hybrid several stereos to get enough sound to create a party atmosphere. We were by no mean professional and had no real direction how to do this. We were just High School kids trying to make an honest dollar. For a little bit over 3 years we did pretty good with no real business skills. Then we met a guy who would take us to the next level of our DJ world. He had good business ideals and a way to help us develop a business plan. We even spent some of our acquired money and bought a really good stereo. DJ Gear was not readily available. He helped us create a way to make money, save money and invest money into what we do. It was awesome. We started making really good money for teenagers. Time moved on and we all parted ways to go to different schools to become the people we were destined to be.

I went to a smaller college and for a couple of years gave up the DJ thing and get a degree in music, or at least try. I did spend a lot of time at several places where there were DJ’s with skills I had not developed. One of them decided since I would hang around the booth, he would give me 15 minutes of fame. So, he worked with me a few days into weeks and I developed better skills mixing music, reading the crowd and the pattern to make a party successful. The owner of the venue had booked a huge party and needed an extra DJ to cover when the main DJ wanted to break. He suggested me and off I went to become DJ Andy. I did, what seemed like a long time, two hours set and the crowd responded better than I expected. So, I became the back up DJ when they needed me. I also did dorm floor parties and a few beer bashes at the different bars near campus. I also had a radio show on the campus radio station. Then I realized my grades were suffering and had to stop it completely. Put the DJ thing on the back burned for a while. Moving forward I met the woman who would become my wife and we got married. We didn’t have a dance, that idea was still new in the wedding world. So we had a cake and punch reception. DJ dream was still there. We had been married a few years when we were invited to a reception of a friend and his new wife. They had a guy playing music and began doing ok and then he made the reception all about him. (Not a really good idea, even today) I sat and watched and listened to what I considered things not to be said or done. He had no concept of picking music to match the crowd, no idea what to for each element of the reception. The people around me got tired of my criticisms and told me to put my money where my mouth was.

The Birth Of The Solid Rock Sound Machine

We had a lot of sound equipment and gear around the house. My father in law was an amateur recording person and would record any and everything he could. We had done all the multilevel marketing business and learned a lot of good business practices. We gave up on that idea. I also worked a lot of simple jobs to make money.   So off I went to do things for our church and youth events with the hopes of beginning a radio station that played current Christian music way before the stations that are available now. So we took everything we learned in all the business ventures we had been involved with and created a business. Starting with a really basic business plan with what our goals were, what we had hoped to make, and how we were going to do that. Then we came up with a name. I was a huge fan of Miami Sound Machine and thought that sounded really cool. I also wanted to subliminally hint I was a person of faith so I added the Solid Rock part. At this time we also wanted to develop a club for teens with a faith base. Club idea never got farther than the paper is written on. We did a church carnival, which lead to another one. From there we began to do weddings and receptions. These young people began to grow up and get married and would look for someone to do the music for their celebration. And we were now the Solid Rock Sound Machine. We were both still working full time jobs and doing the DJ thing when we could. We then found out there were DJ Conventions! Yesssss!!! We took what money we could pull together and took off to a convention where I met professional DJ’s from all over the country and a few from around the world. This convention took our business to a new level. We had people who were willing to help us be the DJ we wanted to be. We met some really amazing people who taught the basics of business management all the way to techniques. We got exposed to professional gear and people who used it on a regular basis. And then we did it. We bought some gear and won a bunch of lights and stuff. We had a DJ business. We were gonna be successful. Well that idea lasted until we got home and told folks what we were going to charge and they told us we were nuts. So we did a market study of the area we lived in and realized the realistically we were out of reality. So we came down to at least break even.

The we encountered DJ’s in our area and developed a professional friendship with most of them. And then we did our first Bridal Fair with one of the local radio stations we had done a few things with. It was a learning experience. Time continued forward and with our first logo we made cards to hand out to potential clients. Well we needed a banner and so we had a banner made.  At this show I discovered I was doing something I had never done very well in the past, SELLING and SALES! Yes, I was a salesman, but the product was me and what I could do for these people that were looking for my services. (We discovered we were a service business) In the next few years we honed our skill set and got more and more bookings and began to do more and more. Then It came to our attention we were missing opportunities to do celebrations and parties. So, I took the BIG STEP, dare I say LEAP and went Full Time and working Part Time when I had to. I am so glad I am in business for myself and I love to serve people. Working for someone is a great experience but working for your self is even more than that! Sure, you have highs and lows. It is what you do during the lows that make the Highs awesome. This, in a nutshell, is a rough story of how I went from a kid with a dream and didn’t know it and took to the level it is now.  Be encouraged!! Entrepreneurs are truly amazing people and are a force to deal with!!!

THANKS FOR YOUR TIME! I hope this gives a snapshot of my business!!

Andrew C. Walker (DJ Drew) – Chief Entertainment Officer of  the Solid Rock Sound Machine

Top Local Choice - 2019

The Local Media Collective and A Ha Moment Marketing have joined forces and are going to give away one FREE year of Branding, advertising, and marketing to one Home Grown Locally Owned Restaurant. (BAM)

One lucky Home Grown Locally Owned Restaurant will win over $25,000 worth of BAM!

You can nominate as many restaurants in Topeka as you want.

The review team will invite the top 10 nominees to present and will pick the top 5. Then the community will vote for the winner.

You can visit to nominate.

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Eagle Aerial Solutions LLC

The View from My NOTO Studio

Barbara Waterman Peters


View from my Studio

By Barbara Waterman-Peters

View from my Studio   23

Barbara Waterman-Peters

We have stumbled into a gorgeous autumn with its lovely colors, startlingly blue sky and chilly nights. On gray days blessed with rain the colors are even richer as though just applied to paper with a juicy wash of watercolor. Leaves are dropping and scattering in the wind, their hues fading all too soon.

The light changes in the fall. It is sharper—great for painting—as it aims itself through my window.

Autumn is my favorite time of year because it brings my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and its colors are breathtaking.  Somehow nature is closer to us when trees shower us with leaves and warn us of approaching winter. It is a time for reflection and preparation.

At the moment, I am reflecting on current projects and ideas for them surround me like leaves tossed by the wind. Their colors will disappear if I fail to rake them in quickly.

“Clay & Paint: Bradley, Peters, & BW-P”

Two ceramic artists and one painter will show works that address different ways to approach the surface of an object. Opening First Friday October 5 from 4:00-8:30 PM, the show will run through November in conjunction with the Kansas Artist Craftsman Association Conference November 16-17.

LDP Black Tan Jar 2 LDP Black Tan Jar 2 LDP Black Tan Jar 2


Health Tips for all the TOP fit’rs & Sit’rs

Sam Pic

New Year’s, New Promises. Making Sure You Put “You” First.

We’ve all done it. Maybe not intentionally but we are all guilty of one thing. Every New Year’s we make commitments, resolutions, and promises to ourselves that we are going to do “x”, stop “y”, or perhaps try “z’. However, come February, most of our superficial promises to ourselves get put to the trash can of life when, well, when life happens. Have you ever contemplated of why that is?  Do you get frustrated when you break promises to yourself or has it happened so often that it doesn’t even phase you anymore?  Is the thought of having a lackluster approach to your goals got your skin crawling?

Listen, we have all been there. The difference between those people we see on social media like Rachel Hollis (The author of Girl Wash Your Face) and us is that we broke promises to ourselves. We have let others’ priorities get in the way of the things we want for ourselves. It’s a bad habit and I am going to help give you some tips to break this habit once and for good. You owe it to yourself.

First you need perspective. Imagine a colleague or friend asks you to do something for them, let’s say, to help them move into their house before the snow storm hits. You say yes, and you mean it because this person means something to you. That Friday, as promised, you show up, 15 minutes early, and begin to help load boxes into the U-Haul because the forecast changed, and the storm is coming that night. In all honesty, you didn’t want to move boxes that morning when you woke up because you pushed yourself a little too hard in the gym the night before, but because you promised to help your buddy move, you forced yourself out of bed.  You kept your promise like a good friend. Like what others expect of you. However, what if you promised to do something like this for yourself? Especially if you knew you had some wiggle room to reschedule the move? What are the odds that you would get up, get moving, and do what you had planned to do?   My point here is we are so eager to keep all our promises to those we love, even strangers, but when it comes down to brass tacks, we rarely every keep promises to ourselves. The reality is, when we break promises to ourselves we are hurting ourselves. We only have one life, one body, and rarely second chances so why is it that we always put ourselves last; even to the detriment to our health? Why don’t we matter to ourselves?

No matter your answer, the good news here is you can start to develop healthy ways to make sure you put yourself first so that come this New Year, not only do you do “x”, stop “y”, try “Z” but you also find you can do “ABC” too. Here are some tips and tricks to start implementing now so that you never break a promise to yourself again.

  • Name it and Claim it. That’s right. Pronounce what you are going to do. Write it down. The more places the better. Put it where you can see it daily, so you have a constant reminder of what you want to do for yourself.
  • Visualize Your Perfect Day. We don’t wake up every morning in a good mood. Sometimes, it’s a struggle to get out of bed. However, if you set aside 10-30 minutes each morning visualizing and running through your head what your “PERFECT” day is going to look like, you will start the day off with confidence, a better mood, and ready to attract awesome. This gives you a 100% better chance at keep promises to yourself because your attitude and mood are in check.
  • Find an accountability partner. Life is better when you aren’t the only one doing something challenging. Finding someone with the same goals or someone you trust to cheer you on and keep you accountable to your goals set you up for success. Accountability partners also push you to do your best, create friendly competition, and because we are prone to please others, we are more likely than not, by nature, NOT going to give up, because our partner is counting on us.
  • Track You Progress Often and Reflect. Check in with yourself on your goals and commitments periodically to make sure the main thing is still the main thing. If you are off target, if the commitment is achieved, or no longer valuable to you, you can adjust. Maybe you fell off the wagon. That doesn’t mean quit. It just means, pick up where you left off. Learn from your mistakes and jump back on the saddle. Reflect on what is working and do more of the same or adjust and try something new.
  • Reward Yourself. If you have set out some big goals, develop a personal rewards system for yourself that keeps you driving towards your end goal. When goals are HUGE, they can seem too daunting a task to achieve. By breaking them up into smaller sections with little rewards like a new planner, a healthy shake at the new juice joint in town, or those adorable shoes that just went viral online, you tend to have more success at completion.

Paul Denikin - A Rite of Fall

January 2019A Rite of Fall: Home Maintenance Tips and Winter Damage Prevention

For homeowners with a long list of “to-dos,” fall is the perfect time for home and lawn maintenance. Once inclement late-season weather sets in, it may be too late to prepare for cooler, wetter weather and improve your home’s energy efficiency, much of which needs to be done on your house’s exterior. When late-fall and winter winds and precipitation set in, climbing up and down ladders and installing storm windows can quickly become impractical, even dangerous. Consider the following tips as you think through your fall home maintenance routine.

Vacuum allergens

Allergies can be a major problem in the fall. Lawn material gets tracked into the house and accumulates in your carpeting, producing unpleasant allergic reactions for family members who may suffer the effects of respiratory problems as a result. Vacuum every room in your house that has carpeting. Make sure you have a vacuum model that’s designed to handle longer-pile carpets.

Yard maintenance

Fall is the time to think about cutting away dead limbs from trees and shrubs to prevent damage from falling limbs, and caring for trees that are looking threadbare and sickly. Consult with an arborist in the fall if you’re concerned about diseases, many of which can be prevented with a fungicide injection. It’s a smart precaution, considering that trees shield our houses from damaging winds and other manifestations of damaging winter weather and can be very expensive to cut down and dispose of if not cared for properly.

Clean those gutters

Fall is when gutters and downspouts are most likely to become clogged with falling leaves and lawn debris. Clogged gutters impede water flow, and can lead to pooling and overflowing water that can damage siding and your roof. Remember that you don’t even need trees in your yard to accumulate lawn build-up, which can be blown over from other lawns and into your gutter system. Once the leaves have fallen, make sure you climb the ladder and scoop out all that build-up.

Get out the rakes

Leaf raking is a familiar rite of autumn, and is as identifiable with fall as football and pumpkin spice lattes. Once the trees (yours and your neighbors’) have shed their leaves, get those rakes and lawn bags out and clear out the fallen leaves. All that orange, brown and gold may look attractive, but it’s a threat to your gutters and external drainage. It can also inhibit spring growth if left unattended, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of snowfall. Snow-covered leaves can lead to mold and fungus, which won’t do your spring grass growth any good.

Holes and tears

Fall is also the time to look for damage to your home’s exterior. Closely inspect your siding and roof for signs of damage that could lead to lasting structural damage from high winds, snow, rain and debris. Dealing with it now before it gets too cold can save you a bundle of money on more serious repairs that might have to wait until next spring.

Shut off the water

Freezing weather can cause any water left in exterior faucets and pipes to freeze and expand, leading to burst pipes and a whole lot of expensive water damage at a time of year when repairs are most expensive. Go around and make sure that external faucets have been shut off and hoses have been drained and put away for the season. 

Fall home maintenance requires careful attention to both the interior and exterior of your home. It’s really the last chance to create a safe and healthy environment before winter sets in and to prevent damage that can put a huge dent in your finances.

Courtesy of


"In a Flash" - By Annette Hope Billings

annette hope billings new



Annette Billings



Hello readers. In addition to poetry, I love writing fiction! Each month I will write a form of fiction, thusly named because of its brevity. Each story will have a Topeka connection. All characters and situations will be fictitious, but I'll include real Topeka locations. Enjoy and be generous with feedback!


"Six Minutes"

Talia’s errant thoughts were jerked back to the present by the honk of a horn. She glanced up to see the light had turned green. A look in her rear view mirror showed the expression of the irritated driver behind her. She smiled an apology and proceeded through the intersection. She was headed to Hazel Hill Chocolate and then she’d stop for a white chocolate mocha to go at Classic Bean. This chocolate-then-coffee routine was a Wednesday ritual that would inevitably end with her weeping. The tears would come from the next stop of her evening—the memory care unit in the nursing home where her father lived. His dementia had resulted in him forgetting  a plethora of things, but his love for dark chocolate and coffee was not one of them. Talia would rather he recall her name and that she was his daughter.


Purchases made and on the seat beside her, she enjoyed the aroma of coffee in her car. She loved the smell of it, but detested the taste—a fact her father used to tease her about endlessly.

“It’s cheating to smell it and not drink it, Tallygirl,” he’d say grinning.

It took her six minutes to get to the care facility. Talia timed it. She had begun to time almost everything in her life: a resurgence of her once well-managed OCD. Activities from showering to eating to driving needed to take an even number of minutes. Anything that would normally take her six minutes would be sped up to take five minutes or drawn out to take eight... It needed to be even. Perhaps because the rest of her life was turning out so oddly. She was unhappily single, underemployed, and an only child responsible for a parent in the late stages of an early onset illness. Added to that serrated truth was the illness made her a stranger to a father she adored.

She found him sitting by a window in the commons area. He startled slightly as she sat next to him. He nodded to her as he did to everyone who passed by. She offered him the chocolate and coffee. He took them with, “What’s this? Is this for me? How much do I owe you?”

She answered, “There’s no charge. It’s two favorites of yours. I checked the coffee and it’s not too hot.” He sipped the coffee and opened the bag of chocolate. They sat in silence except for his soft sounds of enjoyment.

Some time later she glanced at the clock. Their visit had lasted 27 minutes. She planned  to leave exactly on the half hour. The next three minutes drug by. She rose.

Out of habit and with no expectation of a response, she patted his arm and said, “I’ll be going now. See you next Wednesday.” She reached for her coat.

“Oh, stay longer, can’t you?” Talia looked at her father, surprised. He’d had no response to whether she came or left for months. She sensed something familiar.

“Dad?, she asked quietly. He smiled. “Daddy?”

“Stay” he answered. “Stay and smell what’s left of my cold coffee—even though it’s cheating to smell it and not drink it.”

Natalie sat back down. He handed her the almost empty cup. She hesitated then brought it close to her nose and took an over- exaggerated inhalation.

“There,” he said grinning, “you did that just like my daughter used to do.”

She smiled, patted his arm again and decided to stay a while longer—six minutes.

Local Film Makers

Topeka is a very creative community. Our live theatre is plentiful and amazing. We have all types of music. We also are home to many talented film makers.


Roaring Rat Films 

Gary Piland

This company is 100% local. The owner/Director/Writing lives in Topeka. The movies are shot in Topeka by Topeka actors. 

They are working on putting the two full length movies on iTunes. 





Current Project:


Past releases:

Zombie Kansas

Zombie Kansas




Zombie Beauty Pageant

Zombie Beauty Pageant

Zombie Shorts:   Zombie Chigger,    Zombie Laundry,   Zombie Tattoo Parlor

Zombie Chigger     Zombie Chigger     Zombie Chigger


Sunrunner Films, LLC

Austin Snell

 Austin Snell is the CEO and Director of this company. Austin lives in Lawrence and often uses Topeka and local actors in his movies.

You can purchase your own copy at






Current Project:


"Nature is a haunted house..."  -Emily Dickinson


"In an attempt to reconcile the problems in their relationship, Myra (Carmen Anello) and James (Owen Lawless) venture to an isolated cabin in the mountains.  It is there they encounter an ancient evil that haunts the landscape, capable of turning people into deformed monsters.  Not only will they be fighting for their relationship, they will be fighting for their lives."

EXPOSURE is a throw-back horror experience in the vein of your favorite 70's and 80's classics.  Featuring practical effects-based creature designs and a special appearance by horror legend Lynn Lowry, EXPOSURE is made for fans and by fans.

STARRING: Carmen AnelloOwen Lawless (Helltown) & Lynn Lowry (Shivers, The Crazies, I Drink Your Blood & Model Hunger)

Special Effects by Jake Jackson

Produced by Clayton Ashley, Jake Jackson, and Austin Snell

Written by Jake Jackson and Austin Snell

Directed by Austin Snell


Past movies:

Dust, Blood & Fire and Eraser

 Dust Blood Fire  Erasure





Steve Balderson

Although it appears this company has movied to California, they got their start in Kansas.  Steve Balderson was born in Manhattan, KS.






Maker By Night FX

Special Effects Makeup Artist Jake Jackson 


MotoVike Films

Teach Us All - Documentary hitting Netflix

New Businesses

A Ha Moment Marketing

Andrea Ard


A Ha Moment


Tequillas - Reopened

Brookwood Shopping Center


4 Guys Bar & Grill

Brookwood Shopping Center

2833 B 29th St

Topeka, Kansas


 Soul Fire Nutrition

Brookwood Shopping Center


39 West Gallery

909 N. Kansas Ave. Topeka, KS 66608



Gourmet Treats Topeka


Essentia Salon & Spa

5900 SW Huntoon St. Ste A2

Topeka, KS 66604



Total Fit Body Boot Camp

 5626 SW 29th St

Topeka, KS 



Gun Garage & Shooting Range

2120 NE Meriden Rd, Topeka, KS 66608




Pizzeria Via Family Dining

738 SW Gage Blvd


Pizzeria Via Family Dining offers hand crafted and stone baked pizza, salads, grinders, wraps, wings and we also serve a variety of alcoholic beverages.


Hidden Hill Farms of Kansas

7320 SW Indian Hills Rd

Auburn, KS 66402

COMING in June 2018

Wedding and Event Venue


Kim and Robins Journey to Internet Stardom

SocialButterflies Logo


Like our Facebook Page:

Like our Youtube Channel:

Twitter: @ButterfliesKS

We are so excited to be famous!!!

We are looking for businesses who would like to have the Social Butterflies Visit during their Trending Tuesday Lives on Facebook!

We can't wait to help make your business, internet famous!!









Keith the Critic

Keith VansickleKeith the Critic 







The Possession of Hannah Grace

 Three out of Four Stars

3 out of 4 stars

hannahgraceHannah Grace as played by Kirby Johnson whose exorcism spirals out of control, claiming the young womans life. Months later, morgue worker Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell) takes delivery of a disfigured body during the graveyard shift. With her locked inside the basement corridors, Megan's horrifying visions soon lead her to believe that the body is possessed by a demonic force.

Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars is great in her part as an ex-cop who just of got out of rehab to work the graveyard shift in the hospital morgue.  Kirby Johnson was great as Hannah Grace, her performances really stood out as both the victim and as the demon. There were outstanding special effects that were perfectly employed along with the performances.




Green Book

 Four out of Four Stars

4 out of 4 stars

mahershala ali green book

A working-class Italian-American bouncer (Viggo Mortensen) becomes the driver of an African-American classical pianist (Mahershala Ali) on a tour of venues through the 1960s American South. The film plays on the segregation era to build the relationship between the protagonists. Mahershala Ali's character Helps Viggo write love letters to his wife, played by Linda Cadellini, and her friends are constantly impressed with the letters and press thier own spouses to write letters the same way. 


This should be nominated for best film, best director, best actor, best supporting actor, and best actress, best writing. this film is one of the best films I have seen this year. A good film for the family, and a good perspective on segragation and racism in the 60's. 




Ralph Breaks The Internet

 Four out of Four Stars

4 out of 4 stars


Ralph Breaks InternetDirector Phil Johnston and Rich Moore. Six years after the events of "Wreck-It Ralph," Ralph and Vanellope, now friends, discover a wi-fi router in their arcade, leading them into a new adventure. A superior sequel which was nominated for best animated feature in the Golden Globes. 


I think this film is better than the first. Amazing animation, excelent cast, John C. Reilly, Sarah Siverman, Gal Gadot, Taraji P. Henson, Jane Lynch, Ed O'Neill, Alfred Molina, Alan Tudyk. Excelent Direction by Phil Johnston and Rich Moore. A perfect family film that only gets better with each viewing. I suggest seeing it in 3D, but 2D is just as entertaining.





Creed 2

 3 and half stars

3 1/2 out of 4 stars


 Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) is traing heavyweight contender Adonis Creed to face off against Viktor Drago, son of Ivan Drago. Creed 2


The former World Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa is originaly reluctant to serve as a trainer and mentor to Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), the son of his late friend and former rival Apollo Creed as he prepares to go head to head with the son of the boxer that took his fathers life. 


This is more than just a boxing film as the characters all deal with personal expeiriances such as honoring you parents, preparing for parenthood, and developing relationships and friendships. Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashad, Dolph Lundgren and Brigitte Nielsen are all great and story is wonderfully writen. 




The Rider

 One half star

1 1/2 out of 4 stars 


The RiderBased on his a true story, THE RIDER is about Brady Jandreau (Brady Blackburn) forced to end his rodeo circuit days after being warned that his competition days are over after a tragic riding accident. After taking on a regular job at a grocery store he is recognozed by fans wondering when he will compete again. Thus begining his search for new meaning to his life. 


This movie was very well writen, and looked promising, however some of the acting was subpar. I wouldn't suggest this film unless it was free or on cable. I would recomend Urban Cowboy over this film. 



Boy Erased 

 Four out of Four Stars

4 out of 4 stars

This film tells the true story of Jared (Lucas Hedges), the son of a Baptist pastor in a small American town, who is outed to his parents (Kidman and Crowe) as being gay at age 19. Jared is faced with an ultimatum, To please boyerased 745 420his parents he attends conversion therapy rather than be shunned by the community. 


Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Lucas Hedges, and Joel Edgerton should all be nominated for best Actors and Actress, they were all phenominal in their roles. Joel Edgerton should also be nominated for best writer and director, for his work is amazing. Go watch this film it will not dissapoint you. This film is one of the top 10 films I have seen this year.


Talk About Topeka LIVE


Some of October shows!



More shows can be watched on



Topeka Feud




This website is a prototype for an idea that I have been working on for ten years! It is continually changing and I hope to make this the main site for anyone that wants to find something in Topeka to use.

It is being built with those who live in Topeka and the surrounding area but not limited to them.

There are 4 sections to this website.

  1. The Topeka Newsletter is the first part.  It is going through some major overhaul since most of the information can now be found in a better organized manner on the website.  This is free for any locally owned business to use to promote their business.
  2. The Community Calendar is actually the most important part of this website, right now.  Each community should be informed on what is going on. This doesn't just mean the bar scene. When I say informed, I mean fundraisers, sports, daily food and drink specials, sales, entertainment, recreation and anything else going on.  This calendar tries to include anything that the public is invited to. There is no charge to include your events.  We enter all the events so it saves business owners time. They just need to send us the information and we will take it from there.
  3. Everything Topeka is a plethora of information compiled in a map based program.  Here you can search and find different venues in different categories. You can pick one or all categories to search. This search will not find information that is not on the map though so you will need to use the website search function also. It is free to be listed with a simple profile and an affordable way to enhance your listing.
  4. Everything Else is more businesses that are not listed in the Map feature. There is a guide page that actually will lead you in the right direction.  It is free to be listed with a simple profile and an affordable way to enhance your listing.


We have 2 different search bars.  We use a program called Hot Spot and it does not integrate with the rest of the website at this time.  So you will need to use both places if you can't find what you are looking for.  Search Articles option will search everything but the maps. It even includes the calendar.



Day Trips

Day Trip LogoLiving in Topeka has so many advantages. A great city to raise a family, affordable living, theatre, great restaurants, walking trails, parks, schools, night life, and close to many different cities that can add to your adventures.

Kansas City, Lawrence, Wichita, Manhattan and all the other small surrounding cities add to the quality of life you can have in Topeka!

When someone says, support local, that doesn't mean you have to stay in your city. It means that when you travel, try to find the local tastes and flare.

(FF) = Family Friendly Dining



Dover, KS

Appox 20 minutes


Somerset Cafe

Lawrence, KS

Appox 25 minutes


Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum
Watkins Museum of History
Spencer Museum of Art
Freedom Frontier National Heritage Area
Robert J Dole Institute of Politics
Wakarusa River Valley
Booth Family Hall of Athletics


Lecompton, KS

Approx 30 minutes

Territorial Capital Museum

Wamego, KS

Approx 45 minutes


Wamego Historical Society and Museum
Oz Museum

Bonner Springs, KS

Approx 50 minute drive
National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame


Appox 60 minute drive


Flint Hills Discovery Center
Milford Nature Center  
Widgets Family Fun
Konza Prairie Nature Trail
K-State Insect Zoo 
Sunset Zoo  
Wildwood Outdoor Adventure Park
Kansas State University Plantetarium
Kansas Wheat Innovation Center


Vista Drive Inn (FF)
Varsity Donuts (FF)
KSU Dairy Bar (FF)

The Chef Cafe (FF)


Atchison, KS

Appox 60 minutes

Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum
Atchinson County Historical Society

Emporia, KS

Appox 60 minutes

Johnston Geology Museum
Lyon County History Center
National Teacher's Hall of Fame
Schmidt Museum of Natural History
William Allen White House State Historic Site

Kansas City, KS Area

Approx 60 minutes


Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm Historic Site

Olathe, KS

Kansas City Automotive Museum

Overland Park

Johnson County Museum
Museum at Prairiefire

Shawnee, KS

Shawnee Town 1929
Wonderscope Children's Museum of Kansas City

Leawood, KS

Prairie Fire Museum

Ottawa, KS

Approx 60  minutes

Old Depot Museum


Fort Riley, KS

Approx 60 minutes
Custer House

Leavenworth, KS

Approx 75 minutes
Frontier Army
C.W. Parker Corousel Museum


Abilene KS

Appox 80 minute drive


Eisenhower Presidental Museum & Library


FREE Active Military w/ID & Age 5 and under

Adult $12

Senior (62 & Over), Military (Retired/Disabled), and Student w/ID $9

Ages 6 to 15 $3

Open Daily - Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year's Day

Don't let this attraction fool you. If you enjoy reading, it could take you 4 or 5 hours. There is a 24 minute movie, then a 15 minute tour of his childhood house, self tour of the museum and a quick look at the library.

Heritage Center of Dickinson County

Abilene and Smoky Valley Railroad

Greyhound Hall of Fame


For dinner or lunch

Brookville Hotel Family Style Chicken dinner


Closed on Monday

Tuesday 5pm to 8pm (May-Oct)

Wed, Thurs, Fri 5pm to 8pm

Saturday 11:30 am to 8pm

Sunday 11:30 am to 7pm

Menu includes

Relishes, Sweet-Sour Cole-Slaw, Cottage Cheese (Refillable)

One-half Skillet of Fried Chicken

Mashed Potatoes w/ Cream Gravy, Cream-Style Corn, Biscuits with butter and preserves, and ice cream for dessert.


You will want to make a reservation. This experience is not your typical one. You will sit down and they just start bringing out food. You can get as much of the sides as you can eat. This is a great place to just eat, celebrate with family and or friends or a romantic dinner.

Olpie, KS  (Close to Emporia)

Appox 90 minutes


Chicken House

El Dorado, KS

Approx 1 3/4 Hours

Butler County History Center and Kansas Oil Museum

Fort Scott

Approx 2 hours


Gordon Parks Museum
Lowell Milken Center
Fort Scott Trolley Tour

Chanute, KS

Approx 2 hour drive
Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum

Lindsborg, KS

Approx 2 Hours
Old Mill Museum

Salina, KS

Appox 2 hours


Rolling Hills Zoo
Smoky Hill Museum
Central Kansas Flywheels Yesteryear Museum

McPherson, KS

Approx 2 Hour Drive
McPherson Museum and Arts Foundation

Pittsburg, Kansas

Appox  2 1/2 Hour Drive


Kansas Crossing Casino
ArtForms Gallery
Veterans Memorial Design



Chicken Annie's Original Fried Chicken (FF)
Mary's Fabulous Chicken & Fish (FF)

Concordia, KS

Approx 2 1/2 Hours
German POW Camp Concordia Museum
By Appointment ONLY

Wichita, KS

Appox 2 1/2 hours


Old Cowtown Museum
Mid-America All-Indian Center
Exploration Place
Museum of World Treasurers
Wichita Sedgwick County Historical Museum
Kansas Aviation Museum
Frank Lloyd Wright's Allen House
Coleman Museum and Factory Outlet







Concordia, KS

Approx 2 1/4 hour drive

National Orphan Train Complex


Great Bend, KS

Approx 2 2/3 Hours

Barton County Historical Society Museum and Village

Venture out of Kansas

Independence, MO

1 1/2 Hours

Harry S Truman Historical Site/Library
Bingham Waggoner
(April 1 to Oct 31st)
National Frontier Trail Museum
Pioneer Trails Adventure
Leila's Hair Museum
1879 Railroad Depot
Children's Peace Pavilion

Kansas City, MO

60 minutes

Arabia Steamboat Museum
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Arts
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
Negros Leagues Baseball Museum
Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun
Kansas City Zoo
National World War II Museum and Memorial
Crown Center
American Jazz Museum
Hallmark Visitors Center
National Museum of Toys and Miniatures
Money Museum
Sea Life Kansas City
Union Station
Science City
Kansas City Fun Tours
Escape Room KC in Union Station
Breakout KC
Science City
Legoland Discovery Center
Aurther Bryants BBQ


More than a day

Baxter Spring

Approx 3 Hours

Baxter Springs Heritage Center and Museum

Galena, KS

Approx 3 hours

Galena Miling & Historical Museum


Hutchinson, KS

Appox 3 1/2 Hours

Strataca - Salt Mines

Pratt, KS

Approx 3 1/2 Hours

Pratt County Historical Museum

Hillsboro, KS

Approx 3 1/2 Hours

Hillsboro Museums
Pioneer Adobe House, Friesen Dutch Windmill, Kreutziger School House, Schaeffler House


Hays, KS

Appox 4 hours


Sternberg Museum of Natural History


Fort Hays


Boot Hill Cemetery


Ellis County Historical Society Musuem


Oakley, KS

Approx 4 Hours

Fick Fossil and History Museum

Greensburg, KS

Approx 4 Hour Drive
The Big Well

Wallace, KS

Approx 4 3/4 hours

Fort Wallace Museum

Larned, KS

Approx 4 3/4 Hours

Ft Larned National Historic Site

Goodland, KS

Approx 5 Hours

High Plains Museum

Dodge City, KS

Appox 5 1/2 Hours

Boot Hill Museum
Kansas Teacher's Hall of Fame
Gunfighters Wax Museum


Colby, KS

Appox 5 1/2 Hours

The Prairie Museum of Art & History

Liberal, KS

Approx 5 1/2 hour drive

Mid-America Air Museum



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Highlight Your business


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